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Distance metrics play a vital role in most machine learning models. Distance metrics are basically used to enhance the performance of similarity-based algorithms.

Algorithms behind Nearest Neighbour classifiers are the main motivation behind distance-based learning. These kinds of algorithms have standard distance metrics like the Euclidean distance in…

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So Hold Tight………..

  • Logistic Regression objective

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So Hold Tight………..

  • A supervised learning algorithm can be used for both…

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So Hold Tight………..

  • Suppose you have to build a machine learning classifier in order…

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So Hold Tight……..

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

  • KNN is a simple…

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“Data is the new Oil”

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Tools and framework like Tensorflow lite

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In Today’s Online Era every customer is loaded with multiple choices. Suppose recently I was looking to buy a budget-friendly laptop without having any idea of what to buy. There are possibilities that might waste a lot of time browsing around on the internet and crawling through various sites hoping to find some useful info. I might look for recommendations from other people.

The rapid growth of data collection has led to a new era of information. Data is being used to create more efficient systems and this is where Recommendation Systems comes into play. Recommendation Systems are a…

Shashwat Tiwari

Senior Applied Data Scientist at dunnhumby || Machine Learning and Deep Learning Ardent ||

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